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Promoted by AJBA?

When you do nothing for AJBA how you could expect to be promoted by AJBA. AJBA will support only loyal members and masters.

Little AJBA gifts.

The new AJBA black belts

World seminar in Italy.

Next year AJBA is celebrating FIFTH anniversary. We are planning our World seminar in Italy. If situation with Covid-19 will be finished, our meeting is possible.

Promotie Dick klok

NEWS!!! Brett Mayfield Daishihan & Dick Klok Daishihan have been promoted to the positions of HONORARY VICE-PRESIDENTS. They did a lot for AJBA promotion in the world and this is a small reward for their hard work CONGRATULATIONS

Demo AJBA Member Shihan Milan Vujasin

Soon available in AJBA

Soon available in AJBA International Samurai Society (part of AJBA) supported by Soda Samurai Clan leaded by our DaiShihan Atsushi Soda. Our Samurai lineage through Soda familie

2020:There are new designs for AJBA diplomas.

AJBA World

News Hideharu IShii promothed.

NEWS! We would like to announce that our SoShihan Hideharu Ishii has been promoted in 10.Dan by our DaiShihan Syuken Hattori and his Fumonkai organization.Syuken Hattori DaiShihan also signed AJBA diploma 10.Dan for our SoShihan. We are so happy to… Verder lezen →

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