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2024-6: AJBA Breaking News

Dear members of our organization, as you know, the organization will have certain changes in the complete structure as well as in the name and logo from October 2024.✅ All documents issued in the name of the current organization AJBA… Verder lezen →

2024 News Mladen Burazerović

Mladen BurazerovićActing president AJBA Dear brothers,I would love to invite you to Serbia on AJBA International Seminar and Samurai festival.We will have one important meeting of AJBA officials and we will present you some very important news in organization and… Verder lezen →

Wakai Ryu Training Heijningen

2024 Zondag 22 mei ouderwets trainen in de hombu dojo in Heijningen, Wakai Ryu.Fantastische ambiance en groep mensen.

2024: AJBA European seminar

We invite you to take part in our European seminar of AJBA organization DATE: 28-29-30-31.March PLACE: Rome (details will come later)

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