Dear members of our organization, as you know, the organization will have certain changes in the complete structure as well as in the name and logo from October 2024.
✅ All documents issued in the name of the current organization AJBA will be valid even after the transformation of the organization into JBIF.
✅Those whose membership has expired in the current organization and have not renewed their membership for two years will be removed from the membership of the future organization.
✅ In the new organization, if a country wants to be a member, it will have to register the organization and perform representation in its country in a completely legal way. There will no longer be responsible persons for one country, but only registered organizations can get the position of JBIF representative.
✅ All licensed member countries must always have their representatives at organizational meetings, seminars or similar.
✅ Also each country that applies for membership will be able to do so exclusively at the official assemblies of the Federation.
✅ The transition period will last some time and we ask all members to be understanding.
✅ There will be more information soon.